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Striving to offer students the opportunity to grow personally, socially and academically in an environment guided by respect.

Small Class Size San Diego

1:12 Teacher-Student Ratio

Rigorous Academic Courses

Academic Courses
Project Based Education

Project Based Learning

100% College Acceptance

College Prepatory School

Dynamic P.E. Program


Diverse Student Population


School-Wide Mindfulness Program

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Accredited Online Courses

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Voted one of the best private schools in North County San Diego! 

Raising Hands
Private High School Encinitas, CA
Middle School
International School

An individualized education is at the essence of what Pacific Academy Encinitas offers.  We make it our mission to meet each student at their current level of academic aptitude, providing them with the tools and support necessary for their academic, personal and social success. 


Pacific Academy works directly with families to make sure that the student, teachers, and administration are all in accord with one another to ensure the success of their student. 


PAE recognizes that each learner progresses through academic material at different speeds, according to his or her own learning needs and abilities.  Our low teacher to student ratios (1:10 K-5, 1:12 6-12) allow us to directly address the individual learning styles, and ALWAYS meet the student where they need support.  More on Pacific Academy's Student Learning Objectives...


Happy children learn better and everything in our philosophy and approach stems from this idea.


 It starts with the well-researched idea that children learn best when they are content, relaxed, and engaged – when they are actually interested in what they are doing.


So how do we, at Pacific Academy Encinitas make this happen? What does it mean to be happy? How do we help our children be happy, and thus learn well?


For starters, Pacific Academy Encinitas allows our primary grades K-6 children to “have a childhood” – allowing lots of time for play, curiosity, and allowing them to take measured risks and understand consequences.  We allow children to have “down time," when they’re not interested in learning, and we maximize the “up time” while they’re keen, excited, and engaged. PAE teachers are amazingly good at capitalizing on children’s ever-changing interests and are always supportive of social engagement, both within age groups and whole school activities.



Established in 1997, Pacific Academy Encinitas is a private, non-denominational, co-ed, small by design, K-12 college preparatory school. We emphasize individualized instruction, cross-curricular applied learning, and small classrooms (on average, six students per classroom). Pacific Academy has a 100% college acceptance rate.


Pacific Academy is a school that exists because of the passion the teachers and administrators have to be a part of a school that lives up to what we imagined being a teacher would be like when we were in college.  The Pacific Academy school motto is, “the opportunity to be me.” Reading this quickly, it may just sound like another slogan, but if you really look at the words and the deeper meaning inherent in those words, it speaks to a longing that every person has, a need to be seen and recognized for who they are, and not judged for what they are not. In this regard, Pacific Academy exists as a school that embodies the true root of the word “education," which comes from the latin word “educere” or “to bring out and lead forth”; To bring someone’s true nature and skills forth, and to give them confidence in living honestly and organically.

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