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"Thank you Pacific Academy Encinitas for all that you do for your students during the college application and admission process. The counselors worked very closely with my son to successfully guide him through each step of the process.   They met regularly with my son and invited us to be a part of the progress.  They provided weekly communications, updates and reminders to the students and parents.   For our son, it helped that they knew and understood the NCAA eligibly requirements, as he is playing his sport at the collegiate level. From researching colleges to the final stages of decision making to the preparation of essays and applications, the highly experienced and dedicated college counselors at Pacific Academy Encinitas were committed to helping my son every step of the way."


Leslie A. Michaels

Vice President of Operations

Las Palmas Housing

" I was writing cover letters and my resume for my application of different Wharton club boards and saw Pacific Academy on my resume.  I just finished my first week of school and we are already meeting a client for consulting. It's amazing to see the things I've learned from PAE in the environment at Wharton. I hope the students know that what they are doing at Pacific Academy is parallel to what we're doing at Wharton. Please give Ms. Bardin and Mr. Strong the sincerest of thanks from me, as her writing class, especially the scientific paper, is extremely helpful for students aspiring in the study in humanities, as well as in the sciences. Additionally, the Calculus I learned at PAE is proving critical in my concentration of finance. I just wanted to take time to thank everyone at PAE for making this dream a reality for me. I've recently checked out the PAE Facebook and website and it looks like Pacific Academy is constantly innovating, progressing, and improving education. So proud to be an alumnus of such a great school!" STUDENT

"Pacific Academy's curriculum is rigorous and their graduates get into good colleges. Pacific Academy focuses on project-based learning, which makes the learning really fun for my daughter. They teach the students to respect the environment, each other and have a global appreciation. The service learning program is great, too! My daughter really loves this school. She has never been more motivated or happier. " PARENT

"We joined the school only few months ago and the transformation that I have observed with my son's academics is outstanding. "The opportunity to be me" at PA is not a mere slogan, but a living truth. The staff and head of school are working hard and consciously striving to provide all the support to meet the student's highest potential. When you are being "seen", you can soar! How rare that is. I am absolutely happy and very grateful we made the choice to join the school." PARENT 

"Our son plays competitive golf and has an extensive travel schedule, which results in many missed school days.  The teachers at Pacific Academy Encinitas have exceeded our expectations both in terms of academic instruction and flexibility in working with our son's busy schedule. They've been very positive and have created an ideal learning environment for our son.  He's got  a renewed interest in working diligently and his grades have improved! He receives a lot of personal attention as a result of the amazing student:teacher ratio.  This has been particularly helpful since he misses a fair amount of lecture time. With numerous field trips and social activities enabling students to get to know each other outside of the classroom PAE offers an enhanced the high school experience. My only regret is that we did not enroll our son at Pacific Academy until his junior year of high school." PARENT

"Our son joined Pacific Academy for the 2015-2016 school year as an 8th grader.  He "fell between the cracks" in both our local Carlsbad public school, as well as a newer charter/homeschool.  After years of stress and frustration, Pacific Academy was recommended.  This small unique school has allowed us to flex his schedule in order to provide a study hour (great for his writing/organizing).  They've condensed class length this spring so the kids could participate in surf PE.  Most importantly, they've created a safe environment for him to grow educationally, socially and emotionally.  Not surprisingly, we are very much looking forward to his return in the fall for the 2016-2017 school year!" PARENT

"Another mouth dropping moment yesterday. Max came home from Boys and Girls (which he loves) and said that they had a spelling B. First of all a week ago he NEVER would have had the confidence to join anything academic that was a competition. This time………less than one week at Pacific Academy he joined the competition. He not only joined, but he WON the spelling B!  Then he proceeded to have a spelling competition with his sister after dinner and beat her! He beamed with pride. You (as his teacher) Brittney, and your school, Mario,  are changing his life before our eyes!  We know it. Thank you!"


Thanks Kindly,

Annie Berzanski

Director of Sales

"I came to Pacific Academy looking for a specialized private school that accommodated my unique junior golf tournament schedule. I was able to develop as a golfer and as a student thanks to my teachers working with me and giving me every chance to complete my assignments without ever missing an athletic event. Pacific Academy Encinitas is perfect for any athlete looking to gain a strong education while improving in their sport." PARENT

"We took our son out of public school in fourth grade and sent him to Pacific Academy mid-year. I felt that the IEP program was hurting his confidence, that it wasn't effective, and they were having him do work that was totally uninteresting below grade level.  The class size was way too large for any type of personalized help and I had no idea what they did each day. He was falling behind a full year or more and our son seemed to lack motivation and/or interest. 


In public school, with a class size of 35, I had only one 10 minute meeting with the teacher to review my son's progress in a five-month period.  The entire meeting was taken by a scripted overview that my son read. It was useless. I only found out by mail that he had fallen behind over a year.  Contrast that to sometimes weekly calls, texts and e-mails from his teacher and an open line of communication to talk to the Principal anytime I want.  Our son also tells me what he is doing now with excitement. 


In starting at Pacific Academy, I was astonished how quickly (the first week)  he immediately had a different attitude about learning, school, and his confidence soared. It was like he was a different kid. He now believes he is intelligent, he is interested in learning and has confidence.   


My son's teacher at Pacific Academy is outstanding- gifted I would say.  The class size is only six kids so she is able to take him where he is now, and help improve that to the next level. He comes bouncing home every day telling me what he learned, what his goals are and how much he is improving. He is learning material that is far more advanced than anything he was doing in public and quite stimulating.  He wants to read at night and has started to do writing at camp on his own. I almost fell over when I learned that. 


For PE they go to fencing, boxing, yoga etc at real gyms,....he loves all of that too. They have field trips that are included as part of the tuition. He looks forward to  fun activities like "Pancake morning' today.


A Spanish immersion program is also part of the day. My son is teaching me Spanish words, where before he had no interest. 


I have found that the kids in the class are so kind and welcoming; all harbored by the fantastic leadership of the school. It isn't a "religious school," but they enforce being kind, thoughtful and good to everyone. 


I HIGHLY recommend Pacific Academy for parents who are looking for a small class size, and an attentive, personalized program. It is an incredible program. I will forever be grateful to the school as they are quickly helping our son fall in love with learning, have confidence in himself, and excel to his full potential. What more could a parent ask for from a private school!

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