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My name is Kelly Chu and I would like to welcome you to Pacific Academy.

My vision for Pacific Academy has always been for it to be much more than just a school. Pacific Academy is a community, a family, a place of kindness that supports the educational pursuits of everyone who crosses the thresholds of all of our campuses. As Pacific Academy grows year after year, I am as delighted in our students' continued development and achievements as any proud parent would be.

Pacific Academy students continue to reach new heights in all areas of student life by being true to themselves and pursuing what they love. Pacific Academy students continue to achieve top prizes in national and international competitions while making their mark in both the arts and sports.


While these achievements are of course praiseworthy, our students' passion and efforts expand because of the close-knit atmosphere fostered by our school. Our numerous 'family' trips paved the way for our students to be active contributors to the world they live in.


Overall, it is the daily interactions between faculty and students in which we can see the true spirit of family. Our teachers have created an open environment where everyone has a say. Pacific Academy students can freely share moments of joy, challenge, and disagreement with knowledge that their perspectives and individuality would be respected and celebrated. There is no denying the unwavering desire of all at PA to have the opportunity to be who they are while pursuing who it is they want to become.


I hope that you will visit us at Pacific Academy to see yourself what our unique and diverse school has to offer and perhaps decide one day to become a part of our cherished family.




Ms. Kelly Chu
CEO, Pacific Academy

Private High School
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