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Thank you for your interest in Pacific Academy Encinitas


At Pacific Academy, we foster and promote an international environment that centers on global and cultural awareness. The staff and faculty are comprised of members that span multiple continents, time zones, languages and cultures.


We pride ourselves on our ethnic diversity and promote true cultural sensitivity. Our exciting program affords students the opportunity to interact with a variety of students and faculty members, learn English in a truly diverse setting and explore travel and leadership opportunities. Whether your interest is in taking a variety of courses, enrolling in our 7-12th grade program, or advancing your English skills, the Pacific Academy admissions office looks forward to helping you better understand our school and its application process.


We understand the importance of providing students with a positive, safe, nurturing environment as they transition to their new surroundings. We are excited and look forward to share with you the world of opportunities that await students at Pacific Academy. For additional information, please contact May Ho Lee, Admissions Assistant, at or 760-634-1188. PACIFIC ACADEMY ISSUES I-20 DOCUMENTS. 

INTERNATIONAL Admissions Procedure

At Pacific Academy, we recognize that applying to a new school involves multiple steps and we would like to do everything possible to help support your family as you begin the process of enrolling your child.


First, families need to begin the enrollment process as early as possible. This will ensure a smooth and thorough transition and increase the chances of being able to meet all of the student’s needs in terms of courses, home-stay, and counseling.


Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis, and international students can begin attending school anytime during the academic year.


Step 1: APPLY 

Please submit the following: 

  1.  Pacific Academy Application for Admission

  2.  $300 non-refundable Application Fee. Non-refundable, due with complete application form and package. 

  3.  iTEP SLATE Test Score (International Test of English Proficiency, Secondary Language Assessment Test of English). 

  4.  Current, official academic transcripts in English of at least two (2) years.

    • • A current, official transcript (not a copy) in English with the official school seal, stamp, and/or signature. Transcripts are needed for all high school years.

    • • If admitted, all final official transcripts must be submitted from previous schools for grades 9-12. Final, official transcripts are used for the student’s Pacific Academy transcript.

  5.  Photocopy of the student’s passport.

  6.  Bank documentation in English and U.S. currency (USD) showing a minimum available amount of $65,000.

  7.  Letter of Affidavit of Support SIGNED (page 4 of the Application for Admission).

  8.  If transferring from another U.S. School, please include a copy of the current I-20 document, a copy of the U.S. VISA,   and an official transcript from the current school. PACIFIC ACADEMY ISSUES I-20 DOCUMENTS. 

  9.  Two (2) teacher recommendations. These may be letters of recommendation or the names and email addresses of at   least two teachers.

  10.  Portfolio: Please submit a student portfolio, which should include at least 3 of the following: (1) samples of the student’s   academic work, (2) writing samples in English, (3) certificates or awards earned, (4) artistic work (drawings, poems,   photos), or (5) any other work the student would like to share with the admissions committee. The portfolio can be   submitted with the application.



1.  The student will receive an email notification about the Zoom interview. Please reserve 60-90 minutes for the student interview.



1.  The student application will be reviewed by the Pacific Academy Admissions Committee.

2. The student will be informed of the committee’s decision within approximately two weeks after the submission of all                required documents and the interviews. Upon admission and I-20 non-refundable payment of $1,100, the student will              receive an Acceptance Package (Letter of Acceptance, I-20, Enrollment Contract, Student Immigration Information, etc.)          via express mail or email.


Step 4: F-1 VISA

1.  Please pay a fee to the U.S. Government for the F-1 Visa interview. The fee may be paid at You           will need to bring the I-901 payment receipt for your VISA interview.

2.  You can schedule a U.S. VISA Interview as soon as you receive the electronic copy of the I-20. Depending on individual         circumstances, you may need to wait 1-3 months for the interview.



1.  An enrollment deposit fee (Grades K-5: $2,700 / Grades 6-12: $4,300) and the enrollment contract are due within 14 days      of receiving the I-20.

2.  If the student requires housing services and/or airport pickup, please check under “Accommodation” (page 2) on the               Pacific Academy International Student Application Form.

3.  Payment of the remaining annual tuition is due by July 15th or 10 days before the school start date.

4.  Please submit the following documents on the date specified on the Acceptance Letter:

                   •Complete and stamp “Report of Health Examination for School Entry” form (mailed in acceptance package)                               and Immunization (Health) Record in English.


                   • Proof of T-dap Vaccination Booster

                   • Proof of the student’s liability and health insurance


                   • Medical and Emergency Contact Information document

                   • Unsupervised Activity Form 

                   • Off-Campus Activity Form (Encinitas Campus)

                   • Photo/Media Release Form

                   • Authorization of Temporary Guardianship Form

                   • Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Policy (Encinitas Campus)

                   • Statement of Integrity (Encinitas Campus)

                   • Early Withdrawal Agreement (Encinitas Campus)

                   • Student Record Release Form

5.  Report to Pacific Academy on the date specified on your Acceptance Letter.

6.  Students must take the following placement exams:

                  • English language assessment exam

                  • Mathematics placement exam



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