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Our Philosophy:

Pacific Academy is a private preparatory school that gives students the opportunity to embrace their talents and achieve excellence. 

Pacific Academy cultivates students’ natural abilities and strengths using a holistic, individualized approach.  In turn, students are prepared for entrance to and success at their best-match university. Students also become compassionate, creative, inquisitive and responsible global citizens.

Our mission:

Our vision:

We strive to offer students the opportunity to grow personally, socially, and academically in an environment guided by respect.



Student Learning Outcomes

Academic Expectations

  1. Become an active and independent learner, through the development of solid foundations of content knowledge. 

  2. Develop critical thinking and analysis skills, through project-based and cross-curricular learning. 

  3. Integrate various methods, including but not limited to technology, art, and music to heighten the expression of learning. 

  4. Demonstrate mastery of academic English in all content areas to prepare students for their best-match college or university. 

Civil and Social Expectations

  1. Contribute and add value to the school and local community by using their own talents to lead themselves and others. 

  2. Make choices guided by the respect of one’s self and others

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