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what we learn with pleasure we never forget

----Alfred Mercier

Middle School 


at pacific academy encinitas we take great care in making sure we are always reaching our objectives for educational and developmental outcomes 

Pacific Academy Encinitas' Middle School Objectives
Pacific Academy Encinitas - Applied Learning
Life-long dedication to following scholarly pursuits and academic excellence

A commitment to global consciousness, tolerance, and mindfulness in living one’s life as a compassionate, autonomous and contributing member of society
Social, emotional, intellectual and physical confidence in one’s self


PAE Middle School students are challenged with problem solving and critical thinking demands in a rigorous academic environment across subjects like math, science, humanities, reading, writing, art, history and languages. Woven throughout the program are efforts to apply these courses of study to everyday life and students show their understanding by integrating those subjects in larger school-wide and multi-grade based projects. In addition to their academic course of study, students also experience a dynamic combination of multi-level classroom interaction, community service, and collaborative programs all working towards building self-awareness, empathy and compassion towards


Key goals for grades 6-8 are in supporting the experience of adolescence by building skills that help the students analyze media/screen messages, develop a sense of self, create healthy connections with others, and make smart choices. Middle school students continuously enrich their learning through diverse and meaningful integrated projects.

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